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Vote for Nobody

My Election Yard Sign Are you ready to throw your vote away? There are two major parties and heaven forbid you vote for anyone else. After all, a vote for a third party takes a vote away from either Obama or McCain and could cause a candidate closest to your values to lose, especially in swing states. So we are told we must vote strategically; that we must vote for the “Lesser of the two Evils,” and thereby trapping us in an undemocratic two party system with only a perception of real choice.

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Who Ownes US Debt?

The US Government doesn’t have the money to continue funding the war, social programs and the new massive bailout package. So the question remains: who owns our debt? The following chart contains the percentages of foreign debt held by other countries as of August 2008. Keep in mind this is only foreign debt and doesn’t show the massive amount of domestically held debt, which would take up half of the pie in itself.

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The Cost of the Bailout

With so many huge numbers being thrown around, the question must be asked, what is the real cost of the bailout? The answer: $3,222.78 per US Citizen. The number was the result of research done by Noah Holcomb, a mechanical engineer whose professional work includes quality control and cost analysis in the manufacturing industry. The following is his analysis of the bailout, complete with sources to the original data:

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Coming Home

“The entire deaths of Vietnam died in vain. And they’re dying in vain right this very second. And you know what’s worse than a soldier dying in vain? It’s more soldiers dying in vain. That’s what’s worse.” -Mike Gravel, former Senator of Alaska

Coming Home a Hero vs Coming Home in Defeat
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McCain’s Honor

Senator John McCain believed the Vietnam war was winnable, and it is important to understand why he not only believed that Vietnam was winnable, but that Iraq is winnable as well. It goes back to core principals of honor which are shared by a long line of military commanders in McCain’s family. But Honor is an ideological tenant that can not be a shield from the realities of power and politics.

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Hoping for the Apocalypse

Back in high school I remember hearing numerous people in different churches who talked about their belief that Jesus would come back to Earth in their lifetimes. They saw the signs and fulfillment from prophecy everywhere, but how much of this prophecy is self fulfilled from vague interpretations of scripture? Why are some Bible texts interpreted literally and others metaphorically? Why are some Christians so desperate to see the end of the world and to what ends does that affect the actions of fundamentalists in political office?

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Martin Luther King and the War

No one knows what the revered civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would say today about the war in Iraq. However we do know what he said about the war in Vietnam.

“..and I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without have first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today: my own government…” -Martin Luther King

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Perceived Economic Crisis

By now, everyone is talking about the economic crisis. From the workplace water cooler to bathroom chatter, everyone is mentioning it. And the situation is affecting everyone, or is it? Gas and food prices have been going up long before recent bank collapses and the problem in the housing market may have caused many home owners to lose their houses, but there are still plenty of apartments for rent. Is the government’s $700 billion bailout truly necessary, or is it simply placing more money into the hands of unscrupulous bankers whose poor decisions may not have the snowballing effect everyone is predicting?

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Troy Davis: A Stay of Execution

Save Troy Davis Protester Last Saturday a protest rally was held, in front of the CNN center in Atlanta, GA. It was for a man named Troy Davis; a man on death row for allegedly killing a police officer.

Troy Anthony Davis, a thirty-nine year old former sports coach, allegedly killed a police office in Savannah, GA. He was convicted purely on eye-witness testimony and since his conviction, seven of the nine witnesses have recanted their account. Appealing his case has been difficult due to the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) signed in under the Clinton era which made appeals difficult for convicted criminals and sped up their sentencing.

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Wiped off the Map

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made a controversial trip to the United States to speak at the United Nations General Assembly. Time was short as many news correspondence sought interviews. Ahmadinejad has been known to speak often to foreign audiences, through the use of a translator, with his straightforward and sometimes compelling yet often humorous rhetoric including his famous, “There are no homosexuals in Iran” quote.

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