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Refugee Propaganda and the War in Syria

I rarely watch mainstream news, but it’s been on at hostels I’ve been traveling through and I am amazed by how much attention is being paid to refugees leaving Syria and entering Europe and how little coverage is given to the actual war. Meanwhile, Obama is echoing calls of his predecessor in regards to Saddam, asking Assad to step down. However, not one mainstream source is asking the question that needs to be asked: how do we stop America, the UK and Europe from funding the terrorism in Syria that is driving people from their homelands?

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I, Spy

Selective Hearing and the Petrodollar

If you watch the news today, you’ll be told that Muslims are protesting around the world about some movie. This contradicts other accounts that state the original protest in Egypt was not about the film, but a rally to free Omar Abdel-Rahman, also know as “The Blind Sheik,” from a US prison; something President-elect Morsi of Egypt pledged to seek. Libya’s President Magariaf states that the recent attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi were carried out entirely by foreigners and not people from Libya, a similar situation with the Australian protesters in Sydney where many of them were not citizens. The movie itself was not even its original form with much of its dialogue dubbed over and there is considerable suspicion that people may have been paid to be at some of these worldwide protests.

Meanwhile there hasn’t been nearly as much coverage at the protests in China against the Japanese people over Japan’s purchase of the Diaoyu Islands. The islands were privately held by Japanese citizens and the act only seemed to infuriate existing racial tensions. The All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce condemned the act. It’s very interesting to note that only a week earlier, China announced that it would allow trading of oil in its own currency instead of the US Dollar.

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A Public Option With Prayer and Without Abortion

Two weeks ago a new health care bill, H.R. 3962, passed the House. Many prominent democrats voted it down saying it did too little while health insurance companies denounced it claiming it did too much. Between this mess includes several awkward provisions and amendments which include removing funding for abortions from publicly subsidized plans while allowing medical reimbursements for prayer services.

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The Rescue of Eric Holder

There has been considerable media attention given to the amazing job of Captain Sullenberger in his ability to safely land a US Airways Airbus A320 into the Hudson River in New Your City. The response of the New York ferry service and emergency response crew insured that there were no fatalities with the only major injuries involving hypothermia. Still the media coverage of this events seems to have overshadowed the still ongoing bloody conflict in Gaza, and ever further, the nomination herrings of Eric Holder for the position of attorney general.

During his confirmation hearing, Holder unequivocally held that the interrogation technique of “waterboarding” is illegal. Furthermore, Holder refused to accept the premise that torture could be acceptable if there is an impending attack (known as the “Ticking Time Bomb” scenario). Holder is also against the policy of “rendition,” the practice of handing detainees over to countries where they could be subject to torture.

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TVA Coal

Vigil for Troy Anthony Davis

Congressman Wamp and the Bailout

Congressman Zach Wamp of the 3rd District of Tennessee recently sent out a letter to his constituents about his dissatisfaction with the lack of oversight in the recent Trouble Asset Relief Program (TARP) known more commonly to many as the “$700 billion bailout.” The letter follows:

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GM and Ford will be the new RCA and Zenith

The three major US automakers are now asking for an economic bailout. Unlike the airline industry which has declared bankruptcy in the past, automakers face a larger backlash from consumers as the stigma of bankruptcy can cause massive lose of confidence in support, maintenance and warranties of the products. Foreign automakers, although suffering from the current economic conditions, are still staying afloat in a world which GM, Ford and Chrysler did not prepare for.

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